Libero-Vitillo-scubaphotoshopace-3Libero Vitillo was born in Prato in 1971. Since childhood dimostrates an innate interest in nature in general. The same interest passed to him by his father, when he used to go with him for trekking to mountain side over the week-ends. 

He appassionates photographing and attends various courses to study the techniques and the infinite possibilities of artistic creations. The love for animals and nature curiosly leads him to esplore new enviroment like sea which affascinates him and push him to obtain his first undersea brevetto in 1997. Since that moment a new world is open completely to explore. In 1999 (already a rescue diver) partecipates a course of marine biology and subsequently other subjets on the topic.

Meanwhile in (1999-2000)he found interest in undersea photography. Various days outside Mediterranean area (Sharm,El Gouna,Marsa Alam,Sudan,Indonesia,Malaysia and Borneo) continue to stimolate his interest for the Mediterranean. In 2008,after a course of undersea photography decides to become an undersea enviroment guide. He collaborates as a Dive Master and Assistant Instructor with an undersea school of Florence.

Today,he works in textile Industry in Prato, but over the week-ends he occassionally collaborates as undersea guide in a diving center in Liguria or diving at his leisure time in Tuscany.


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